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Today is Father’s Day, and we celebrate all dads. Here's some parenting advice from some dads we admire. 

Father's Day Edition: Q&A with Dads we Admire
What’s the best piece of advice for new dads?

Work and other things that seem important can many times wait but your kids will never stop growing up. Don’t miss those special times because you chose to work on something else instead. Those times where you put aside everything else to focus on them are the times that they will remember forever! @Gaynycdad

What is the most important task in parenting? 

Your relationship with your child. This relies heavily on communication. My son is almost 18, and most times does not want to talk, and as the parent I must be patient and let him come to me. That is how I have found he will communicate with me and let me know what is going on in his life and accept some guidance and advice. I have found that sharing my own experiences also keeps us closer and helps my son to be more open to listening to my advice (wisdom).

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3-Tier Wide Shoe Rack with Handle


QUIZ: Find Your Perfect Shoe Rack

Jul 14, 2021

Do you believe in shoe-mates? Check out this short quiz to find your perfect shoe rack. Choose a shoe rack that fits your space, not the other way around.

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Coconut Cake with berries on Yamazaki Home's cake serving stand


A Berry Happy 4th of July

Jul 01, 2021

Looking to inject a little color into your 4th of July? Try this berry-laden coconut cream cake recipe that will add a pop to your fourth of July dessert. 

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