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Renovating a home is a tough job under any circumstances. Undertaking such a huge project in 2020, during Covid and quarantine, sounds extra brave. Ina Bui from Bina’s Coop shared with Yamazaki how she and her husband tackled such an enormous enterprise, what the journey has been like, and from where they draw inspiration for decorating their beautiful, plant-filled paradise.
  • Your home renovation looks amazing! Are you an interior designer by profession or by hobby? 
  • I'm an interior designer by hobby. My interest in interior design comes purely from wanting to create a sanctuary at home.
  • Please tell me a little bit about your home!
  • We initially purchased this home as a rental property investment back in 2006. It's a 1951 ranch style home with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths (the "0.5 bath" is a toilet in a closet that we plan on expanding). We loved that it was a concrete block home with a big yard and double car garage, all while still being in the city. We had renters immediately and we were living in a 542 sq ft studio. Several years later we were house hunting again, but for ourselves this time, and we're constantly being outbid. The renters ended up leaving and we took it as a sign to move into the house and make it our home.

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  • The most enjoyable part of the process?
  • The most enjoyable part of the process was taking the 'after' photo and reflecting back on how far the space has come. Taking a step back and seeing everything as a whole is a great feeling of achievement & satisfaction.
  • Where do you draw your inspiration from?
  • We find a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. One particular photo that really caught my eye came from Thesis Studio Architecture. They remodeled a house that had a similar kitchen + dining room layout and it inspired me to widen our doorway between the two rooms to open up the space without knocking down any walls. It was THE inspiration pic behind our kitchen design. There's something refreshing about walking into an older home and being pleasantly surprised by its updated interior.

    I would say our space is modern classic with a healthy dose of plants. A house can easily look cluttered if you have as many plants as we do, so we try to keep what we can neutral and are selective with where we apply colors & patterns. It was the main driving factor behind our newly painted white walls. I needed a clean & bright backdrop for them.

  • We noticed that you have the Tosca Dish Rack! How does Yamazaki Home fit with your style?
  • I can always count on Yamazaki Home for pieces that are functional, simple in design, and easy on the eyes. I spent countless hours searching for the perfect countertop dish rack that wouldn't be an eyesore in my new kitchen. The Tosca Dish Rack not only looks great but it has handles on each side where I can hang dry my dish gloves and mini kitchen towels. Way better than throwing them over the faucet or on the counter ledge. It was the one thing I refused to settle for.

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