Discover 10 reasons why Yamazaki can improve your home, along with staff picks that we are particularly fond of, and that continue to surprise us with their versatility.


Solve common household conundrums

The first house favorite is an attractive cable management box that effortlessly keeps cords from getting tangled, and tucks them away so that they’re not a constant eyesore. As a bonus, it also allows robot vacuums to do their thing without getting stuck under your desk every time.

My robot vacuum does not get stuck anymore thanks to this item.

—Sayuri, Marketing Manager


Essentials done right

We cover all the essential solutions that every home needs, like dish risers, trash cans, dispensers, etc., but what sets us apart is the quality and durability we offer. Take for example this classic dish riser—a longtime best seller and staff favorite, it’s a sturdy item sure to effectively tidy your kitchen, and well worth the investment.


Innovative, multipurpose products

Although we are always seeking out new and innovative ways to improve everyday moments, this award-winning bottle dryer is one of our most impactful—and a great example of how sometimes we're pleasantly surprised by the versatility of our own products!

From drying rack to compost bag holder and other possibilities you'll have to discover for yourself, it seamlessly transitions between different uses, and features a slim, collapsible design that never gets in the way.


Refined practicality & simplicity

We have come to be known for our diverse dish rack designs; each with a slightly different focus, but always with a refined sense of practicality and simplicity. This is something we strive to impart in our products across the board, but is especially true with these kinds of heavily-used household items.

If you’re looking for a compact yet highly functional solution, this award-winning dish rack is for you. Although deceptively compact, it features two tiers and a self-draining spout, bringing all the convenience and zero fuss.

I like the fact that it's practical & simple.
No whistle and bells.

—Yamazaki Employee


Optimized organization for small homes & urban life

Another dish rack favorite is this folding Over-the-Sink Dish Drainer; as a company based in New York, it's just the type of minimal and practical solution many of us are particularly fond of.

“I end up using this dish rack almost every time I wash dishes. I love how it doesn't take up any space when you don't need it to,” says one of our staff members. If you’re having a hard time finding a small-space solution that doesn’t compromise on functionality or design, that’s precisely what we’re here for!

I love how it doesn't take up any space when you don't need it to.

——Zach, Marketing Specialist


It’s all about the details

There’s nothing like having the details sorted out so your day runs smoothly. This Magnetic Dish Towel Hanger is one of many Yamazaki solutions that—although subtle—impacts everyday tasks by removing unnecessary inconveniences and streamlining the flow.


Simple, yet elevated

We know that sometimes the simplest, most classic solution is exactly what you need to improve your space. Yamazaki offers such items for every part of the home, but what we like to bring to the table (or countertop, or cabinet) is an elevated look, like in the case of this simple organizer.

It features a natural woodgrain lid and a polystone body with a matte finish, sure to bring a sophisticated touch whether you place it by your bedside table or by the bathroom sink.


Style your space in an instant

If you dream of a stylish home but aren’t sure where to start, a little Yamazaki is a great way to kick things off. Designed to elevate decor, yet neutral enough to fit in with various color schemes and aesthetic styles—you’ll be surprised how one or two solutions can set the tone of an entire space.


Complementary products

Another great way to tap into what we offer at Yamazaki is to discover star solutions that truly complement each other. For example, our best-selling coat rack and six-tier shoe rack are a harmonious pair both in terms of style as well as function.

If you’re looking to revamp your entryway, kitchen countertop, or any other clutter-prone area in the home, pair up on a couple essential items and see what magic takes place.


Make organization fun!

Of course, organizing your home can seem daunting, and often hard to know where to start. We believe organization can be fun and easy—and not just the end result, but every part of the process, from envisioning and implementing to maintaining.

That's why we offer a wide range of solutions so that people with diverse needs can each find their ideal solutions. This Kids' Shoe Rack is a great example; children can find joy in creating a designated space & system for their belongings, just as much as adults do.

My anti-clean up daughter actually enjoys putting her shoes away. Very pleased!

—Emmy, Copywriter