We’re always looking to offer innovative designs that solve common household challenges while also bringing beauty and style. Check these award-winning solutions—backed by America’s Test Kitchen and The Strategist—proven to be quick problem-solvers for kitchens far and wide.

TOWER Lid & Ladle Stand

The Best Ladle Stand

Say hello to your personal cooking assistant! The #1 ladle stand according to America’s Test Kitchen (and us here at Yamazaki Home), this solution will hold all your cooking essentials, from ladles, chopsticks and pot lids to even tablets and cookbooks, so you can fully focus on the action.

No more drips across the countertop or misplaced utensils—only the joyous experience of feeling very capable in the kitchen.

TOWER Collapsible Bottle Dryer

The Best Bag Drying Rack

The missing key to your dish washing routine that virtually takes up no space! This folding bottle dryer is a deceptively simple design with a multitude of functions.

Also backed by America’s Test Kitchen, it is your certified best friend for streamlining the use of many reusable household items, including bottles, thermoses, and silicone pouches. You can even line it with a compostable bag to collect food scraps as you cook!

TOWER Wire Dish Rack

Compact & Low Maintenance

Selected as part of The Strategist’s Best Dish Racks list for 2023, this low-maintenance rack is just the solution for urban countertops tight on real estate that nonetheless need a respectable drying spot.

Complete with a slim profile, a utensil tray, and a self-draining spout, it covers all the essential qualities any function-seeking city-dweller or minimalist would benefit from.

TOSCA Dish Rack

The Classic One

Our OG dish rack, this steel and wood design brings a clean and friendly look, complementing any sink side while providing ample and effective drying space.

It’s an iconic item that embodies our philosophy of raising the standard for everyday home goods, both in terms of function as well as style, and we’re delighted to see it on the Best Dish Rack list as well!

TOWER Two-Tier Dish Rack

The Double Decker

If you’re looking to maximize on space, this is the one. Halve your drying area while increasing drying potential with this compact double decker.

Equipped with a chock-full of handy features including a removable lower level, hanging hooks, and a self-draining spout, it is well-suited for those who want to maintain some open countertop space without compromising on functionality.