Being one of the most active areas in the home, it’s no wonder the kitchen tends to clutter up—but decluttering doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything, or feel guilty for owning things you love and need! From miscellaneous small items to large appliances, simply giving items a solid home can do wonders for a kitchen. 

Pantry perfection

Whether you are aiming to systematize the pantry or aesthetically improve countertops, this compact and modern solution is a versatile choice for sorting your flours, sugars, and spices.

The handles allow you to quickly reach ingredients as you need them and will have you feeling like a pro! Use the top shelf to stack another set, or to store other go-to kitchen tools.

Sleek storage for staples

Efficient use of space is key! Maximize on your pantry or cabinets with these easy-dispense storage containers. A great solution for any bulk grains, cereals, and even snack items. Not only are they efficient and aesthetic, but will also allow you to keep track of pantry inventory.

Prevent the traffic jams

When it comes to daily use items, difficult access will most definitely cause a storage traffic jam!

This handy organizer keeps mugs and and cups in their lane, allowing full use of your cabinet space and easy access. Your favorite mugs will never get trapped in the back again!

Make peace with plates

Do you have a set of gorgeous plates you’ve wanted to display? Or are you tired of lifting a whole stack in the cabinet just to get the one on the bottom?

Either way, this beautiful and spacious plate holder will keep them upright for strain-free access, while also transforming them into a pleasant part of the decor. An easy win-win!

End the countertop *stalemate

Often the best decluttering solution is to add more storage space. If you’re a bread & pastries person, you might often find yourself fighting your baked goods, jams, and nut butters for countertop real estate.

Keep everything consolidated but within reach with this deceivingly spacious bread box, sure to drastically improve kitchen aesthetics while keeping loaves from going stale.

Add Flexibility and mobility

Is your coffee or tea corner squeezed for space? This perfect little cart provides just the right amount of storage to give a busy kitchen some breathing room. Whether you want to create a breakfast station, bar area, or appliance hub, the three tiers provide plenty of flexibility.

The mobile design means it can be carted away when you need extra space, or used to dispatch items to different areas of the home! Deliver breakfast in bed, or roll away used plates after hosting dinner to make clean-up easy as pie.

Double-deck the prepping station

If square footage is limited, the simple answer is to go up. Add this expandable solution to your kitchen counter or above the sink to keep your kitchen essentials tidy and within reach.

• Go-to utensils
• Scales, measuring cups, or other appliances
• Seasonings and herbs

You can also use it as a pit-stop for your ingredients and prep-bowls as you cook, so you can keep your work area clear.