Tired of attempting to detangle a forest of cables, or pretending you don’s see the dust-bunnies hiding just beneath? Whether you’re struggling with miles of cord or just a few strays, this selection is sure to cover your needs and reboot your work station.

Sleek & spacious

Quickly swap out eyesore cables and power strips for a decor element, while keeping them out of reach from your little ones or furry friends. This sleek and spacious solution has ample space to duly contain any busy electric cable junction, whether it be in your office, game room, or living room.

Cable, router, power strip, check!

If you have quite a few electronics criss-crossing below your desk, this is the solution to take care of the whole lot!

Complete with an interior shelf for a power strip or other appliance and vents to prevent overheating, it’s just as functional as it is attractive. The best part? It can roll out and around for easy cleaning or adjusting.

A floating solution

Don’t be fooled by the compact design; this under-desk solution can be put to work! The two-tier rack attaches to your desk to raise cables and power strips off the floor while still keeping them accessible.

A great choice if you want extra open space below your desk to stretch your legs, and/or need frequent access to the power strip. The six hooks provide plenty of opportunities to hang your bundled cords and other accessories.

The wall-mounted option

Alternatively, if you want your cables in a different spot, this wall-mount version is a great choice. With the option to either wall-mount or adhere to a magnetic surface, you can stick it right on to the side of your metal file cabinet, or in an other convenient area by your desk.