Do you have the right setup for a perfect brew? Start your mornings right with these stylish & functional coffee accessories.

The perfect coffee corner

Trust this pair to upgrade your brewing corner in an instant; the stackable shelf and ceramic canisters will do a latte in the storage department. Coffee bags don’t add much to your cabinets except for making it tricky to measure out your grounds in the morning, often resulting in spillage.

The canister’s wide opening and attractive wooden lid add an instant solution to this problem and the shelf provide the perfect space to store additional coffee accessories.

Seamless brewing every time

Stop fumbling around the cabinets only to find a crumpled coffee filter! Store your coffee filters in this chic magnetic filter case. Take your filters airborne while freeing up your countertop for all your extra coffee gadgets.

Did we also mention that filters will stay safe from spills and splashes while you whip up your favorite cup o' joe? A definite must-have for any aspiring at-home barista.

Perk up your coffee filter storage

Picture this: You just rolled out of bed, dreary-eyed, and still half asleep. A fresh, hot cup of coffee is the only remedy for your morning fog. However, the tedious task of separating your coffee filters stands between you and your wake-up elixir. 

Delicate and often flimsy in form, acquiring a coffee filter can delay your coffee enjoyment that much longer. The solution? Well, our coffee filter holder of course! Adding a stylish addition to your coffee corner, this holder protects filters from damage while also keeping them easily accessible. Simply lift the cover and voila! It’s time to get to brewing.