Graduation is no small feat. For the next step in your grad’s life, give them the gift of Yamazaki. Find just the thing to make their newfound adult status just a little bit easier.


Laundry Hamper - Steel

For the dreaded laundry days, this hamper easily folds for carrying to the washer and back.


Wire Dish Rack - Steel

Moving into an apartment with no dishwasher? This will be a saving grace for post-dinner clean up.


Blanket Ladder - Steel

A clothes storage and home decor double combo! Lean into this rack for extra closet space.


Ceramic Canister - Small

A meal-prep go-to! Keep veggies or dips fresh in these airtight containers.


Shoe Rack - Steel - Short

Too many shoes? Thankfully this rack has a minimalist footprint that looks great and stores a bunch!


Wall-Mounted Shelf - Wood

Create the room of your dreams with this floating shelf. Ideal for showing off your newly-framed diploma!