Where timeless designs meet functional utility, make room at your Thanksgiving table for a touch of Yamazaki. See the items you need to complete your holiday feast below.

Pies and Pastries Will Sit Pretty 

On Thanksgiving Day, nothing beats a slice of pie (or two, maybe even three). With a golden flaky exterior and scrumptiously balanced filling-to-crust ratio, this dish is a staple in every home during the holiday. Our mouths are watering even thinking about it.

Maybe you're a pumpkin traditionalist or pecan fanatic, maybe you even have a soft spot for chocolate cream! No matter your pie preference, there’s no denying that a perfectly placed pie is a quintessential element to the post-feast dessert lineup. When everyone is making a bee-line to the dessert table, make sure that your pie(s) are displayed neat as a pin, sitting pretty on our serving tray.

If pie is not your thing, you can even show off a cake or tart. Better yet, flip then stack the tray to construct a multi-tiered dessert tower! When flipped, the lid bears a lip that can keep precious sweets from falling off. Place cookies, whoopie pies, brownies, or whatever sweet morsels you crave to wow your Thanksgiving crowd. At the end of the day expect nothing but stuffed bellies and satisfied sweet smiles.

A Favorite for Hors D'oeuvres 

As your home begins to fill with the buzz of laughter and conversation, so do the delicious smells of the soon-to-be-had feast which waft from the kitchen and throughout the halls. Stirring up anticipation for the deliciousness to come, set out our tiered serving stand to curb guests’ hunger with quick bites.

The tray's attractive frame will add a warm touch to any spread. With three tiers, you can offer up a variety of snacks, such as cheese, nuts, and fruits that will pair well with your guests’ beverages of choice. Even add a few trays to the dessert table to display a variety of sweet concoctions. The tray is guaranteed to drum up excitement and praise. Don’t be surprised when your Aunt Shirley asks for the millionth time where you found such a beautiful serving stand that looks just like a piece of decor. The answer every time: Yamazaki Home.

Complete the Dinner Spread

Gravy has its bowl and rolls have their basket. Now, what about butter? It’s of course a staple to the food spread. You unabashedly add it to a heaping pile of mashed potatoes, spread it over fresh crescent rolls right out of the oven, or maybe you even add it to your green beans for an extra scrumptious bite! It is Thanksgiving after all!

This holiday you will have no worries placing this beautiful butter dish on your tabletop. The light wooden cover and quality ceramic base blend beautifully with the dishware you reserve for this special occasion. Ditch serving butter on a plate, instead go with a butter dish. It will not only look better but will keep butter in place and fresh throughout the meal.

For Crumby Smiles and Cranberry-Stained Fingers

The Thanksgiving table mid-feast can be seen as a magnificent dance between celebration and chaos. Dishes pass back and forth, from hand to hand, making their way around the table once or twice until every plate is a colorful rainbow of comfort. Cousin’s gossip and gobble down their plates filled with turkey, stuffing, and rolls, while parents carouse together, catching up on the latest happenings while sipping their favorite holiday cocktail. Amidst the joyous laughter and hearty conversation, there is sure to be a mess or two. Adding a clean touch of charm to the table is our napkin holder. The minimal footprint combines the perfect balance of elegance and functionality. Now that’s something to toast about.