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Do you believe in shoe-mates? Check out this short quiz to find your perfect shoe rack. Choose a shoe rack that fits your space, not the other way around.

Meet your shoemate

how many shoes are you looking to store
6-Tier Shoe rack3-Tier expandable shoe rack
what are the limitations of your space
3-Tier Portable Shoe Rack2-Tier Shoe Organizer5-Tier Portable Shoe RackExpandable shoe rack
Shop Shoe Racks

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Three of Yamazaki Home plastic soap dispensers on a bathtub.


Refresh Your Bathroom With These Reusable Products

Oct 18, 2021

Elevate your bathroom look with these refillable, reusable bathroom dispensers. Plus, check out these five reasons to make the switch to using refill soap sachets.

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Timéo standing next to his Yamazaki Home caddy full of dog treats.


Timeo through the day

Oct 10, 2021

We follow Timéo through a day in the life of his usual routine at home. Timéo loves having breakfast with his Yamazaki Home food bowls, playing with toys, and going for walkies. 

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