It’s time to introduce the newest element of the Yamazaki Home shopping experience, our loyalty program, Room for Rewards!

When you shop, you can collect points to earn exclusive perks and discounts. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! See below for a walkthrough of the program.  

Why should I join?

Joining is the most important step, but oh-so-easy. Before you make your purchase, take a quick second to create an account to immediately enroll. Once complete, Boom! You’re ready to get shopping. 

Is it easy to collect points?

This is the fun part. Add all the products you’ve been eyeing. A rolling cart, leaning ladder, or dish rack perhaps? We trust that you have this step covered. Earn points for every dollar you spend and visit the rewards page for other ways to earn easy points, like following us on social and for leaving reviews! We love to hear from you.

What's the benefit of being a rewards member?

Check out and watch your points stack up. Spend more to unlock higher tiers, from Dreamer to Decorator to Designer. The more dollars spent, the more points collected, the more rewards available to you. Capeesh? Once you’ve collected enough points to your satisfaction redeem points easily for perks, such as discounts and free product redemptions. Visit the rewards page to discover all the perks!

Follow us on Instagram for a special 15 bonus points.

Now that you’re all caught up to speed, it’s time to create an account and get started on collecting points! Feel free to visit our FAQ page for any additional Room for Rewards questions or inquiries.