In her recent article, Daniela Alvarez of Kitchn shared how bringing Yamazaki Home into the busiest room in her home helped transform it into a neat and functional space.

If you’re not sure where to begin on your home improvement journey, start with these kitchen game changers—and while you’re at it, enjoy snippets of our brand philosophy that we shared during our conversation!

Read the original Kitchn article here.


Dish Rack

Daniela shared how discovering Yamazaki Home during the pandemic when her kitchen was at its busiest helped transform it. “For me, these products have been essential in not only beautifying my kitchen, but also making it a neat and practical space,” she explains.

If you’re not sure how to kick things off, Daniela recommends starting with our signature dish rack—the flagship product that not only put us on the map, but is also a great example of Yamazaki strives to strike a balance between functionality and design.

Part of the allure of Yamazaki Home is the ease of the products’ clean and simple look that can fit in with just about any style, from mid-century modern, to farmhouse, to industrial.

—Zack Blackwell, Yamazaki Home


Rolling Storage Cart

Among the nine products Daniela has brought into her kitchen since discovering Yamazaki, this rolling storage cart is a favorite. Tuck it into those odd, small spaces and create a handy assortment of condiments, seasonings, or cleaning supplies, just hiding in plain sight.

People love [Yamazaki Home's] products because of the brand’s philosophy of making your home tidy and beautiful while embracing minimalism.



Coffee Filter Case

“Small-space living is synonymous with Japan, and that is ultimately what Yamazaki is inspired by,” explains Zack Blackwell, our media partnership coordinator. “We all need essentials, but with fresh ideas, innovation, and beautiful design.”

Being a space with the most practical needs in the home, the kitchen can always use a boost, and ideally a compact one like this coffee filter holder. Adjusted to suit U.S. filter size preferences, it’s a simple but innovative way to keep an essential item stocked and ready to go, while adding a decor element to your kitchen.


Pet Food Bowl

Of course, part of good design and functionality is the durability of an item. This is why we choose high quality, sturdy materials, like in the case of this steel + ceramic pet food bowl, made to withstand the excitement of your furry friends’ daily mealtimes.

“I am especially impressed by how well these products have held up over the years, especially my mini Goldendoodle’s pet bowl that’s super easy to clean,” says Daniela. With two heights to choose from, this addition is sure to keep your four-legged family members happy.

We don’t want to encourage people to get rid of things if they don’t need to — we just want to show that you can make space where there wasn’t any before while staying organized.

—Masao Donahue, Yamazaki Home


Stackable Countertop Shelf

Rather than feel guilty for having the things you love and need, our goal is to offer smart storage and organization that accommodates your lifestyle and belongings.

This stackable countertop shelf "stores all my matcha essentials and a large ceramic canister of coffee beans,” comments Daniela, on this fan favorite beloved for its ability to create stylish storage out of thin air. We like to think there's always a solution, whether you're working with a small space or a sizable collection of beloved items.