Yamazaki + Your Home = <3 

See why we're the perfect match and fall in love with these Yamazaki items. Gift yourself a little home improvement and gift your home a little love. These are the organizers we think you'll fall head over heels for.

Shoe Organizer - Steel

Soul mate status: unlocked.

You’ll be swooning over its spaciousness. Finally, a way to keep all of your partner’s shoes out of the way.

Jewelry Organizer - Steel + Wood

Diamonds are this jewelry organizer’s best friend!

Keep your beloved namesake items in this holder. They will stay in place, organized, and protected from dust. Be mine already!

Rolling Trash Sorter - Steel + Wood

Don’t let your love go to waste!

When Valentine’s Day doesn’t go your way, this bin can be the perfect conduit to toss away those dried-up flowers and stale chocolatey treats.

Adjustable Pot Lid Organizer - Steel

Give your messy pantry a big ole’ storage hug.

Easily find the pots and pans you need to throw together a romantic dinner, Embrace the clean and get to cooking! (psst. don’t forget the rose petals and candles)

End Table - Steel + Wood

Side table? More like a wingman!

Keep your favorite beverage by your side on this stylish table. Best of all, the table’s design perfectly holds your favorite records—so you can waltz, dip, and groove to your favorite lovey-dovey song all night.

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  • Inspired by life in Japan

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