A look inside the beautiful home of Emma Peugh, and the creative and stylish ways she organizes her home with Yamazaki as she prepares for a new addition to her family. From the nursery to the living room, Emma’s home is baby-fied and baby-friendly.   


Storage Basket

Let us tell you a story

Bedtime stories: What nursery would be complete without them? Reading bedtime stories is a great way to bond with your baby at the end of the day. Emma had the idea of organizing her baby’s first books with these popular steel baskets.


End Table

Nurture your happy space

A comfy-cozy living room space makes a home feel *just right*. Not only is the nursery fully stocked on books, but Emma has her own parenting material to snuggle up with on the couch.


Wire Laundry Basket

This laundry is a whole mood

These matching Tosca baskets lend a light and airy aesthetic, even to laundry. The open frame of the laundry basket ventilates the laundry, preventing musty smells from accumulating. The neutral tones create a warm and positive vibe, even if it is just laundry.


Jewelry Organizer

Watch how she tidies

Emma put her precious pearls and jewels on display for easy access *and* a beautiful sight. The tiered trays make an attractive catch-all for her watch and most-used earrings where she can toss them at the end of the day without fear of losing them.


Stackable Coutnertop Shelf

Would you lime a refreshment?

Time for a little afternoon cocktail. This mini-shelf turned mini-bar looks oh-so-cute! The countertop rise is stackable and has a wooden top that’s both sturdy and stylish. From breakfast bar to cocktail bar, these shelves have endless uses.

Interview with


Emma Peugh

A mama, creative director and formally trained graphic designer, Emma is drawn towards simple + holistic living, beautiful relationships, plant-based eating and gardening. Creating a conscious life with her family is the ultimate goal, and she aims to make this world a better place, one thoughtful design at a time.