From the way he yawns before he eats his breakfast to his tail-wagging excitement over a banana smoothie, Kubo from @hey.kubo has us fawning all over him. He’s got charisma, he’s got style, and he knows it! 

9:00 AM

Good morning, world! Let’s join a day in the life of our favorite shiba, Kubo, who is always excited to seize the day.

10:00 AM

First thing's first, though, he's not fully awake until after breakfast. Did you know that Shiba Inus sleep 12-16 hours a day? As a puppy, it's even more. Kubo needs good rest to have lots of energy!

11:00 AM

Now that we're energized, which toy would you like to play with? Kubo has a big pile of them and he's very good about sharing.

2:00 PM

A healthy mid-afternoon snack is in order after so much good play! Did you know that bananas are good for people as well as dogs? Kubo's favorite is the strawberry-banana smoothie blend.

2:15 PM

Oops—a tiny bit of smoothie dripped on the counter! Don't worry, Kubo is always prepared to help clean up. Here, take this paper towel to wipe it down.

Interview With


Kubo the Shiba

Kubo is the happiest little Shiba Inu living his best life in sunny California. He will win you over with his famous airplane-ear'd-smile and then just as quickly give you a judging with his signature side-eye. Don't forget to squish his chubby cheeks for good luck!