Clean, tidy, impeccably decorated. Minimalist and modern, yet full of thoughtful, tender care. The mess meter is at zilch in the home of Silchuknest.

Bread Box

The Baker’s Box

Delight your freshly baked breads, buns, and baguettes with this room bread box. Oksana says there’s enough room inside for her butter, spreads, and marmalades to jam along, too.

Plate Holder

Dish Us Up A Shelf Like This

Oksana’s plates are serving up charm and style in this cabinet space. The plate holder helps break up the tower of teetering dishes to keep them all safe and sound.

Coat Rack with Shelf

Fashion Meets Function

We’re loving this spring lineup of warm pastels and neutrals. Like Oksana, you can use this coat rack to get inspired by laying out tomorrow’s clothes. Or, use it as an extra drying rack or coat rack.

Storage Caddy

The Tidy Toolbox

We’re in love with Oksana’s reusable and nature-friendly cleaning routine. From the wood-handled brush to the washable clothes, this caddy full of cleaning supplies almost makes us want to get up and clean!

Interview with


Oksana Silchuk

Oksana is passionate about slowly turning her home into a calm oasis. She wants everyone who enters her home to experience that feeling of relief that she constantly strives to cultivate. She is a mom of 4 (ranging from 2 months to 8 years old). During nap time, I enjoy content creation, organizing my home, and taking photos. She recently moved into a new home that is more countryside and is constantly looking for ways to make her family’s lives better and more organized so they can enjoy more family time and less time cleaning clutter.