We follow Timéo through a day in the life of his usual routine at home. Timéo loves having breakfast with his Yamazaki Home food bowls, playing with toys, and going for walkies. Before going out in the cold, Timéo bundles up in his coat and booties!

6:00 AM

So glad I woke up Dad, I couldn’t wait any longer. I honestly can’t think why he sleeps so long when there’s SO MUCH TO DO! First, we need to get dressed.

8:00 AM

Ahh, breakfast. One of my favorite meals of the day. Let’s see if Dad gave me that good kibble I like or if I’m going to have to turn over my bowl in protest again today.

9:00 AM

Welcome to my office! Now that breakfast is done, it’s time to get to work. Dad’s at his desk tapping away at his laptop, but what he doesn’t realize is the REAL hard work is choosing which of these toys to chew on first. Now, where should we start?

12:00 PM

I put in a good three hours of play—I mean work—and I’m feeling kind of peckish. I wish Dad would put down his sandwich and come pick me out a snack here. This puppy peanut butter is calling to me!

4:00 PM

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s WALKIES time! Let’s GO already! But wait! It's really cold outside, so first we must put on some booties. 

7:00 PM

What a fun day. Finally, it’s time to watch some TV and chill out on the couch. Are my eyes open? I swear I’m paying attention.

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