'Tis the season of sunshine and gardening, and we’re delighted to announce a Yamazaki Home x Greenery Unlimited giveaway! Greenery Unlimited is a beautiful local plant store down the street from our headquarters by the water in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Enter the giveaway here for a chance to win a dream set for plant lovers: the Franklin 17, one of Greenery Unlimited’s patented self-watering planters, and Yamazaki Home's Countertop Pedestal Tray! The three winners will be announced on 5/24.

Greenery Unlimited's Franklin 17 Self Watering Planter in Pale Salmon with a plant inside, sitting atop Yamazaki Home's Countertop Pedestal Tray by Yamazaki Home in white.
Greenery Unlimited's Franklin 17 Self Watering Planter in Canary with a plant inside, sitting atop Yamazaki Home's Countertop Pedestal Tray by Yamazaki Home in white.
Greenery Unlimited's Franklin 17 Self Watering Planter in Cobalt with a plant inside, sitting atop Yamazaki Home's Countertop Pedestal Tray by Yamazaki Home in black.
Greenery Unlimited's Franklin 17 Self Watering Planter in Cloud with a plant inside, sitting atop Yamazaki Home's Countertop Pedestal Tray by Yamazaki Home in black.

We’re always thinking about how we can bring joy to everyday moments and make the home a special place—which is why we are big fans of Greenery Unlimited, and we're delighted to announce our joint giveaway! We interviewed Hannah Kelly, Greenery Unlimited's Retail Director, to learn more about their philosophy and what they offer.

Greenery Unlimited's Hannah Kelly sits down to chat with Yamazaki Home.

Retail Director

Hannah Kelly

You have a beautiful storefront and showroom by the Greenpoint waterfront! What do you offer aside from indoor plants, planting pots, and other gardening goods?

While our curated offerings definitely reflect our enthusiasm for blending design and horticulture, the true essence of the retail store resides in the unwavering dedication of our team. Beyond serving as a storefront, the space functions as an educational hub, catering to the needs of individuals eager to deepen their understanding of plant care.

When our customers walk through our doors seeking to purchase a plant, our foremost objective is not merely to facilitate the purchase, but to instill confidence and knowledge, ensuring that our customers are equipped with the tools and insights to succeed. At our core, we are committed to empowering individuals with the expertise and resources needed to embark on successful plant ownership.

What inspired your business, and what brought you to the Greenpoint neighborhood? What is your philosophy when it comes to living with plants?

Greenery Unlimited’s co-founders and long time Greenpoint residents, Rebecca Bullene and Adam Besheer have worked with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies on corporate botanic design through their sister company, Greenery NYC. They decided to bring their knowledge and expertise directly to their community through the Greenery Unlimited online store and storefront in Greenpoint. They saw the houseplant trend on the rise, but also saw a lot of misinformation and consumerist attitudes that treated plants as disposable decor.

They wanted to encourage the plant trend, while keeping it aligned with their mission of sustainability and respect for botanic life. Tending to indoor plants creates a mutually beneficial exchange between people and nature, turning our senses to the subtle needs of living things. When we understand how plants work, we understand more deeply the intricate ecosystems that sustain life on this planet. This understanding motivates us to make choices that honor the earth and in turn improve the quality of human life.

We love that you support customers to have a true connection with their plants. What are some ways we can start to better connect with our greenery?

When it comes to plant ownership, information is power! Our website has been designed and built to help guide and support both new and seasoned plant enthusiasts; we have over 60 blog posts covering a wide range of topics from plant specific tips and tricks, to how to identify and treat different pests.

On top of this, we also sell a variety of products that were designed to solve problems that plant owners run into regularly, like our Monitor Brass Soil Probe, our Heritage Fiberglass Planters and of course, and our Self-Watering Planters. All of these products were not only designed to add beauty to your home, but also function!

We love the functional yet playful designs of your self-watering planter line! Can you tell us more about them, including the Franklin 17, which is included in this giveaway?

Founders and designers Rebecca and Adam spent almost ten years working with virtually every planter on the market. What they realized was that almost every good-looking planter wasn’t horticulturally sound, and almost every horticulturally sound vessel wasn’t good-looking. The patented self-watering system was designed to bridge the gap between both worlds in order to make a vessel that pops on the shelf but makes killing your plants almost impossible!

The Franklin 17 is definitely a Greenery staff favorite. It was designed specifically for trailing and cascading plants—however, we have yet to see a plant that doesn’t look good in it! Our self-watering planters are easy to assemble and even easier to use. Check out our leaflet for best practices on assembly, use and maintenance.

Do you have any tips or ideas for pairing our giveaway items with indoor greenery?

Incorporating height and dimension into plant displays is essential for creating visually captivating home decor. By strategically varying the heights of plants within a display, you can add depth and interest and really maximize the use of available space. The giveaway items are a perfect way to add dimension and create intentional plant life displays within your home!

What plant offerings are you excited about this season, and how do you see the future of greenery as part of our interior environment?

I'm excited about Begonias. There are so many interesting, colorful, dynamic and different varieties out there—it’s a true collector’s species. They also love “wet feet, dry ankles”—the root zone of the planter is damp, but the top is dry—just how the self-watering planters work. The begonia maculata and begonia brevirimosa have soared in popularity over the past 2 years so I’m excited to see what the next ‘it’ begonia will be in 2024!

We think that plants are an integral part of making indoor environments comfortable, inspiring, and beautiful. The difficulty in plant care often scares people off from bringing more nature indoors. Our goal is to provide planters, tools, and education to simplify plant care so that people can have confidence bringing more and more plants into their spaces!