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Self-Draining Soap Dish - Silicone


Watery counters are so yesterday.

This clever tray will hold your bar of soap aloft like it’s floating on a cloud. Meanwhile, the slanted base trickles water back into your sink. Quick-drying and self-draining, this dish will leave your counters and your soap bone-dry and ready to use. To keep clean, simply run under warm water to let any residue wash away. How great is that?

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Self-Draining Soap Dish - Silicone

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Features + Benefits

Self-Draining Soap Dish by Yamazaki Home in clear by a sink.

Keep water off your counters

This soap holder features taller walls on three sides to prevent water from spilling out. Position the open side with the slanted base towards the sink to allow any water to drain right out.

Modern silicon design

The simple design will fit right into your space without disrupting the decor.

Soft material makes for easy cleaning

Easily clean between the spikes by simply running under warm water.

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