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Stacking Accessories or Watches Case

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A glamorous stack.

These tidy tiers are here to scoop up any jewels and watches that like to meander throughout the home. These deceptively compact and stacking solutions come with plenty of room and adjustable dividers to accommodate various accessories.

Three-tier accessory version:
Store everything from dainty studs and delicate rings to chunky chokers, wristwatches, and even statement pieces. Create customized compartments for each category and stack to enjoy a minimalistic profile. With raised rims, the lids double as a tray and create extra stashing space for your accessories-of-the-day or other fun trinkets.

Watch case version:
Equipped with a deeper lower tray, this version is lined with four box pillows (included) that create the plush setup worthy of your collection. Complete with a stacking, shallower second tier with a sliding divider to house your other jewelry. If you’re looking for an organizer that keeps your stowed gems looking as good as they do when you wear them, look no further!

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Stacking Accessories or Watches Case

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