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Undershelf Paper Towel Holder - Steel + Wood

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Keep paper towels locked and loaded.

Free up precious countertop space with this undershelf paper towel holder! The wooden bar brings a warmth to the decor that will liven up your kitchen. The clever mounting solution means you can avoid drilling holes into your cabinet or damaging any surfaces.

Simply slide under a cabinet shelf and use the screw bolt to secure. Fits cabinet shelves up to 1" thick.

Undershelf Paper Towel Holder - Steel + Wood

Features + Benefits

Yamazaki Home Undershelf Paper Towel Holder with paper towel inserted

Quick & easy installation

Attach the paper towel holder by simply sliding it under a cabinet shelf and tightening the screw bolt.

Spare your cabinets from damage

No need to drill holes or damage your countertop or cabinet surfaces to attach this solution. Enjoy its sleek design without compromise.

Stylish design features

This solution not only features a stylish wooden bar that balances the modern design, but also flushes beautifully with cabinets, making it an elegant and functional addition for your home.

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