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Vanity Tray - Angled - Two Sizes - Steel


An accessory to organization.

Mix-and-match our various sizes of accessory trays to instantly declutter and organize any countertop or drawer. These stylish, minimalist trays can be lined in drawers to create compartments for various stationary and office supplies—or on a bathroom counter skincare and makeup trays. In the bedroom or entryway, they can be used as catch-alls for wallets, watches, and other accessories at the end of the day.

Size : 5.25" x 7"

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Color : Black

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Vanity Tray - Angled - Two Sizes - Steel

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Features + Benefits

Small Angled Vanity Tray by Yamazaki Home in white on a table with coffee and tea items.

A classic design

This minimalistic solution is sure to tidy and style any collection of small items, whether you choose to consolidate your accessories, entryway essentials, or countertop knick knacks.

Stand the test of time

The durable steel construction makes it a solid choice for long-term use to protect and display your favorite jewelry pieces or precious keepsakes.

Mix and match

Utilize the two sizes to categorize whatever you choose to store and streamline your routines around the home. A perfect solution to elevate your desk drawers, your vanity, or bathroom sink, and more.

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