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Cloth Storage Hamper - Two Sizes - Steel


Raining three-pointers into the laundry hamper.

Featured across Japan, these hampers are placed next to tables to hold bags, hats, and other accessories–primarily to keep your items off of floors. They're light, compact, and easily portable from room to room. They are super handy for use as an extra clothes hamper in a guest room or bathroom. Or, fill up these attractive hampers with magazines for storage in the bathroom or living room. Why not also use them in the nursery to separate and organize toys?

At just shy of 28” tall, with its elevated-hamper design, make laundry day less back breaking and more effortless. The perfect bathroom or laundry room companion, the hamper easily collapses when not in use and its lightweight design and handy handles make toting it around a cinch. Consider using it in other areas of the home, as a catch-all near the living area or by the entryway, to keep your out-the-door must-haves contained and ready to go.

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Cloth Storage Hamper - Two Sizes - Steel

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