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Cutlery Organizer - Three Styles


Give your silverware the royal treatment.

Restore order to your drawers around the home—utensil drawers, junk drawers, desk drawers, you name it! Choose from three variations to make the most of your storage space while also elevating your everyday utensils.

Compact version:
Complete with three adjustable clear dividers, this compact organizer holds cutlery diagonally to create a luxurious spaciousness. Use one for your special set or line up multiple organizers to accommodate for larger collections.

Expandable I:
This expandable tray also features adjustable clear dividers that allow the utensils to sit diagonally to maximize space, and create the perfect compartments for any small bits and bobs.

Expandable II:
This tray expands to accommodate drawers of all sizes, making good use of every last inch. Separate and sort your utensils using the divided and nested trays.

Style : Compact

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Color : White

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Cutlery Organizer - Three Styles

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