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Floating Utensil - Four Styles - Silicone


Get a ladle of these.

Hate placing your kitchen utensils on your kitchen countertop while making a meal? Thanks to its own built-in rest, these “floating” utensils won't dare touch those countertops any longer. Our utensil collection features a spatula, soup ladle, slotted tongs, and tweezer tongs.

Scoop your soup! Flip, fling, and sling those pancakes. Mix and serve your salad. Pinch and pull your steak. It's that simple.

All utensils are made from silicone, which means you can pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Style : Ladle

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Color : Black

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  • Back in Stock Feb. 3, 2024
Floating Utensil - Four Styles - Silicone

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