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Makeup Organizer with Mirror - Steel + Wood


We’re blushing for this makeup organizer.

Mirror mirror on the makeup box, who's got their look together today? You can conveniently carry this luxurious, handled makeup box anywhere on the go and have a mirror at the ready to put on your lipstick with precision. The compartmented box and sliding tray are perfect for arranging bottles, tubes, and brushes of various sizes. Feel like a million bucks getting ready with this opulent makeup box.

Color : White

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Makeup Organizer with Mirror - Steel + Wood

Color :

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Features + Benefits

Close up of adjustable makeup rack of white Makeup Organizer with Mirror

Carry a pampered feeling into your day

Blush, brows, bronzer—put it all in the box. Consolidate and categorize make up essentials so you can give yourself some pampering even on the busier mornings. The compartments keep things identifiable at a glance so you can flow through it, whether you’re going for your go-to look or a little reinvention.

Dual function lid lends a classy touch

The chic wooden lid adds style and warmth, and also functions as a mirror when you turn it over and prop it on its edge. The other half of the organizer is designed to remain open to fit taller items and delicate tools like brushes or eye shadow applicators upright and in tact.

Easy mobility and stowing

A convenient handle allows for easy mobility in case you want to switch to a spot with better lighting or tuck the organizer away after use.
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