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Pet Food Bowl


Your pet wants this right meow.

Finally, pet food bowls you won’t mind looking at day after day. Chic ceramic bowls, a minimalist frame, and non-scratch padded feet. Choose between the two heights to match your furry friend's height. Two paws up for cats and small dogs!

Size : Short

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Color : White

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Pet Food Bowl

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Features + Benefits

Front view of White Pet Food Bowl with Stand filled with pet food on one bowl with a cat.

Modern, minimalist frame.

Why ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen with ugly, loud pet bowls? While your furry friend enjoys meal time, you can also admire the modern, stylish look of these pet bowls.

Scratch-free feet.

While the steel frame keeps the stand sturdy and lends that attractive modern look, steel is not great for floors. Never fear, this stand comes with silicone feet that will grip the bottom of the stand and protect your floor from scratches.

Ceramic bowls.

If you’re looking to make the switch from plastic bowls for the hygiene of your furry friend, these ceramic bowls are just the thing. Keep them clean by hand-washing or leaving them in the dishwasher.

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