Identifying the two types of screws

There are two types of screws that come in the package. Screw F is used to attach the wooden top to the metal frame. Screw E is used to attach the metal shelf to the metal frame.


Identifying the angled side of the frame

One side of the table is angled. Align the angled side of the frame with the angled edge of the metal shelf. When it comes to attaching the metal shelf to the frame, some have found the position of the vertical frame piece (the side of the table) to be counter-intuitive. If you discover that the shorter screws won't hold the middle shelf, it is likely you are trying to screw in from the wrong side of the frame. The screw should be inserted from the side of the frame that has the beveled screw hole. This countersink allows the screw head to sit flat on the frame when installed correctly.


Make note of the position of the horizontal bar

If you are still having difficulty, please view the video above and visit the 0:28 mark. This gives a clear shot of how the horizontal frame section is meant to be on the inside of the frame. Some people assume the shelf should sit inside the vertical portion of the frame but that is incorrect.


Install the wooden top

Simply screw in the remaining four screws to attach the wooden top to the end table.