Identifying the two types of casters

The package includes two types of casters. Caster B is omni-directional (it spins around) Caster C rolls in one direction (just front and back) Caster B can also be identified since it has a gap between the wheel and the hex nuts.

Please note that the open backed version of the rolling storage cart features four one directional wheels.


Installing Caster B, the omni-directional wheels

Install Casters B on the end opposite the handle. Install Casters C on the same side as the handle.


How the wheels work

The cart is guided by the omni-directional wheels on the handle side. The straight wheels at the rear help drive the unit forward.


Levelling the wheels

If placing the unit on an uneven floor, you may notice a gap between the wheels and the floor. The top hex nut can be adjusted to help level the unit. Simply re-attach the caster with the adjusted hex nut. Tighten using the provided Allen wrench.