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Magnetic Kitchen Organizer - Steel + Wood


Rack and never look back.

What has your fridge done for *you* today? Put that under-utilized surface to use with this multipurpose rack. Keep frequently used items off the counter, yet quickly accessible. Hand towel? Stat! Kitchen wrap, tin foil, olive oil? Voilá! The strong magnet of this kitchen attaches in seconds and *stays put—but the best part is seeing all that countertop space that suddenly opened up!

Magnetic Kitchen Organizer - Steel + Wood

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Features + Benefits

Hand removing paper towel from the Magnet Kitchen Storage Rack on fridge.

Clear paper towels off countertops.

The refrigerator is a handy place to reach for a paper towel, and by tapping into magnetic storage you can conveniently free up countertop space. Hang your scissors, spatulas, and oven mitts in one neat row. The wooden bar in front can also hold a dish towel or duster.

Foolproof magnetic application.

You’ll be impressed by how much this magnetic organizer rack can hold up without slipping or sliding. The magnet is strong enough to take all the oils and spices you can throw at it.

Get cooking with this spice shelf.

The upper rack can be used as a spice shelf for your go-to spices. Especially if your fridge is near your stove unit, this can be a handy place to stock them. Or, pack on the wraps and foils.

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