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Collapsible Bottle Dryer - Small - Steel

  • NEW

Even smaller, just as mighty.

The long-awaited mini version of our award-winning eco-stand has finally arrived! Line with a compost bag to collect food scraps, or use to dry everything from glasses, flasks, mugs, and baby bottles to jars, reusable food pouches, and other recyclables. This smaller version is suited for those who lean towards more compact water bottles or shorter cups and glasses, as well as caretakers who’ve got kids’ sippy cups and baby bottles in regular use. Kick sink-side function up yet another notch with this compact, innovative item; a great addition for any kitchen.

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Collapsible Bottle Dryer - Small - Steel

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Features + Benefits

Close up of small white Yamazaki Collapsible Bottle Dryer drying bottles and a bag

Dry bottles and recyclables

This minimalist stand takes up barely any counter space, but is ideal for drying awkward items that don’t fit in your dish rack, like thermoses, baby bottles, and recyclables. The rubber tips prevent scratching your favorite coffee container.

Shuck then chuck your compost scraps

Line with a compost bag to catch your food scraps as you chop and peel. An ideal solution for small kitchens that can't fit permenant compost bins.

Fold & tuck away

This flat-packing design can be collapsed to occupy close to zero space and tucked away. Store it in a drawer or cupboard when not in use to free up countertop space for a tidy look.

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