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Round Cutting Board Stand - Steel

  • NEW

No topple, no roll.

Is your stylish round cutting board, charcuterie tray, or serving board getting buried under a pile of plates and bowls? Keep them handy and secure with this sturdy stand; a rare and thoughtful find designed specifically to keep those rounded edges up off the countertop for optimal drying, while keeping boards secure and safe from rolling. Complete with two slots for round boards (that can also be used for regular rectangular boards), and one additional slot for your everyday rectangular cutting board.

Color : White

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Round Cutting Board Stand - Steel

Color :

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Features + Benefits

White Yamazaki Round Cutting Board Stand with a round and square cutting board

Keep your round cutting boards dry and clean

If you own a round serving tray, cheese board, or cutting board, we know both drying and storing them can be a headache. Keep them upright and accessible while also allowing them an optimal drying spot.

Protect your surfaces from damage

Keep your delicate surfaces or countertops safe from scratches or dents. This cutting board stand comes with cushions that can be attached to the bottom as needed.

Your cutting boards in one spot

With three slots, this solution provides plenty of space for both your everyday and special occasion cutting/serving boards.

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