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Side Table (20" H) - Steel + Wood

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Where Elegance and Function Meet

Say hello to this beautifully simple yet unique piece that will instantly elevate your decor. Don’t be fooled by the delicate lines though, because despite its elegant presence, this side table is not too cool for practicality. Balanced by sturdy construction, it will duly support your morning beverage or bedside book stack while complementing the character of your home, whether you tend towards more neutral or personality-filled aesthetics.

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Side Table (20" H) - Steel + Wood

Color :

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Features + Benefits

White Side Table by Yamazaki Home in a living room holding a cup of coffee and a sugar canister.

Bring the warmth of natural wood while keeping things light

The steel legs are combined with a natural wood-grain tabletop, bringing a touch of warmth without the clunkiness of a wooden construction. Not only does it strike an ideal balance between warmth and sophistication, the structure also keeps the table light and easy to maneuver while you test out a new spot or bring it closer to the couch for a cozy reading session.

Add an elegant and modern touch

Sometimes it only takes one item to give your whole space a lift. The elegant design of this three-legged side table is a breath of fresh air that will lend any room a modern aesthetic that isn’t industrial or cold. Enjoy the inviting calm presence this side table brings while sprucing up your decor.

Aesthetics balanced with functionality

Despite its emphasis on design, this table doesn't leave function behind. The steel legs are structured to extend slightly beyond the width of the tabletop, making it a reliably sturdy and practical choice to stash next to any couch or bedside items.

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