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Countertop Shelf - Steel

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A quick boost for countertop storage.

Are kitchen appliances like electric kettles and coffee makers hogging precious countertop space? If so, this sturdy rack will do wonders for you. Place your appliances on top and utilize the space under the rack to keep tea bags, napkins, or other kitchen miscellanea handy without cluttering the kitchen. The sleek steel frame lends a clean look and sturdy support, sure to streamline everyday moments in the kitchen.

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Countertop Shelf - Steel

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Features + Benefits

Close up of white Yamazaki Home Stackable Countertop Shelf with a basket of tea underneath

Sturdy steel structure

This unit is made with sturdy steel so you can reliably store your kitchen appliances on top while creating just the extra space you need to neatly tuck miscellaneous kitchen items underneath.

Maximize countertop space

If you have a small kitchen or limited countertop space, this one’s for you. We recommend fitting a tray or basket underneath to make use of the full depth.

Create a personalized corner

Coffee corner of your dreams? Or a little smoothie station? It's all possible with this storage boost.

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