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Stacked Jewelry Organizer - Two Styles


Forget me knot.

These delightfully dainty, tiered jewelry towers feature four surprisingly roomy, swivel-out compartments. Fan out and nestle in precious stones and strands to keep them tucked away and tangle-free.

The sectioned version is equipped with tons of small compartments, making it a perfect solution for stud earrings and tiny hoops that may otherwise lose their pair in the crowd. With a swiveling lid that keeps contents in place, it's also sure to be a jewelry maker and craft enthusiast favorite.

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Stacked Jewelry Organizer - Two Styles

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Features + Benefits

A bird’s-eye view of the corner of a white table. On the table are a cylinder-shaped white four-tier swivel accessory holder, a hexagon shaped catch-all dish and the corner of an opened book.

Fan out for full visibility

With four tiers that fan out to reveal the contents, easily find and choose the pieces you're looking for, while also admiring your collection in its full glory.

Create a system for your collection

Whether you opt for sectioned or open tiers, this organizer is a great way to categorize and group similar items, keep pairs safe from getting separated, and chains from getting tangled.

Minimalist design

When the tiers are closed, the organizer becomes a beautiful and minimal column, quieting any visual noise and elevating your space.

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