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Slim Laptop Stand - Steel + Wood

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Welcome to the expansive space that is your desk.

Seamlessly switch gears from work mode to off mode with this elegant stand; a minimal-footprint solution for stowing your laptop or tablet while keeping it within arm’s reach for regular use. All you need to do is to insert your device from the top, and voila. You’ve reclaimed your desktop area for reading, drawing, or just to enjoy a tidy view.

Color : Walnut

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Slim Laptop Stand - Steel + Wood

Color :

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Features + Benefits

A small light-colored wood laptop stand with a white metal base stores a closed laptop on a cluttered wooden desk.

Perfect your work from home setup

Leaving your laptop in the middle of your desk is second nature to most, but this little trick will free up your desk surface to unlock its full potential while lending a tidy aesthetic.

Easy stowing

Both stowing and taking out your laptop or tablet is easy with this handy solution. Simply insert over the top to store your device.

Upgrade work area decor

This chic stand combines steel and wood for a minimal yet stylish effect. Add a professional and sleek touch to your work area.

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