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Handbag Organizer (Set of 2)


Nip it in the bag.

Clutches, handbags, pocketbooks—they come in every shape and color! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution with purse storage, but this customizable organizer takes away all the frustration.

Product comes with two square bases that can be snapped together or used independently. Eight vertical dividers that can slide into the grooves found in the base are also provided.

Lifestyle images largely show the set of two snapped together.

Lock the organizer into position according to the size of your bags to keep them all upright, perky, and pristine. Finally, a way to prevent your precious handbags from crushing one another in a giant heap.

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Handbag Organizer (Set of 2)

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Features + Benefits

Yamazaki Home white Handbag Organizer storing purses and bags on closet shelf.

Keep your purses and bags pristine

Store your collection in a visible and upright manner so nothing is at risk of piling up in a corner and getting crushed. Being able to see everything at a glance also means you can choose the item that will best suit your day.

Make the most of your closet space

Adjust the dividers to perfectly fit each purse and make the most of your closet space. This also eliminates gaps and ensures each item is properly supported.

Modular quality for additional storage

The modular quality of this organizer means extra units can be added to accommodate more items. A great option for bag and purse enthusiasts that want to treasure each piece.

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