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Stackable Countertop Shelf - Two Sizes - Steel + Wood



Create a cozy corner for stacking spices, jams, teas, cups, or other items you frequently reach for on these stacking freestanding shelves.

Available in two easy-to-use and compatible sizes of the exact same width, stack two of either version on top of each other to level up your organization game even further.

The sturdy stacking design looks great not only in the kitchen, but also in bedrooms, offices, really anywhere. Create a little stationary cubby or a bookend with this stylish shelf.

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Stackable Countertop Shelf - Two Sizes - Steel + Wood

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Features + Benefits

Small Yamazaki Home Stackable Countertop Shelf with plates, coffee equipment and bowls

Double cabinet space

The attractive wood-top design allows you to not only maximize on space, but also instantly beautify your kitchen countertops or cabinets. Bring everyday inspiration by creating a special corner for your tea-making or spice blending routine.

Create a personalized corner

The stackable design allows you to maximize on space and declutter countertops. Take advantage of the two sizes to customize on freestanding storage or create additional shelves in your cabinets.

Maximize storage with stacking feature

This simple design has great potential for other parts of the home as well, including work areas, closets, or vanity chests.

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