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Cable Management Box


You've got to break free.

Break free from a thicket of tangled cords and keep your desktop and floor nice and tidy. This sleek resin box holds countless cords and a power strip with up to seven outlets, keeping electronics safe, dust-free, and out of sight. A simple trick that eliminates the risk of tripping, keeps your robot vacuum running smoothly without getting stuck, and protects your furry friends from playing with a tangle of wires.

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Cable Management Box

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Features + Benefits

Front view of white Yamazaki Home Cable Management Box holding wires in living room.

Declutter your office.

If your desk has become a tangle of wires and cords, break free from the knots! This cable management box will untwist and unravel your mess of wires.

Cover your sockets.

If you have an unsightly jumble of power cords with chargers sticking off in every direction, mask the chaos with this heat-resistant, wire-safe cable box.

Protect your furry friends.

Dissuade your four-legged friend from chewing on your wires by removing the temptation. Tuck the cords away into this cable management box to hide them away from your curious companion.

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