4th of July is a special time of year for food in America. It’s also synonymous with friends and family. If you’re looking to create a functional yet beautiful spread for your backyard feast this year, try these tabletop wares. 



Countertop Storage Caddy

Accompanying your 4th of July meal with a light salad? Ferry over your salad dressings and oils with this convenient, handled spice caddy.



Butter Dish

What’s a biscuit or roll without a nice slab of butter? Keep those flies away with this lidded butter dish.



Storage Container

An ant-resistant food storage container. Ants, flies, and all kinds of insects pose a challenge on picnic day. Pack your wares in these air-tight containers to keep them fresh and safe.



Ceramic Canister - Large

Whether you’re packing snacks, sides, sauces, or soups, try these one-the-go ceramic containers that are just the item for a packed lunch. They store hot and cold fare, so let the courses begin.



Storage Caddy - Steel + Wood - Small

If you’re swapping the paper napkins for cloth ones this year, try this handled caddy for ferrying them back and forth to the picnic table.



Serving Stand

Tabletop real estate is prime during a big celebration. If you’re struggling to fit everything in, try a tiered serving stand like this one for appetizers. Meats, cheeses, and crackers can all have their own tray.



Folding Dish Drainer Mat

This foldable drainer tray has a secret—it can also double as a pot holder! And since it’s foldable, you can size it to your preferred dimensions. Spread out to cover a tray of barbecue, or fold into a smaller trivet to hold a smaller sauce pan.



Stackable Serving Stand

This one’s a must-have. Whether dessert is in the form of cupcakes or apple pie, this serving stand can accommodate anything you throw at it. Stackable and adjustable to accommodate all sorts of sweets.



Napkin Holder

What’s a 4th of July celebration without foods that are sticky, saucy, and messy to eat? Make sure to keep some napkins nearby. Whether paper of cloth, pop them into this neat little holder.



Fruit Bowl

These baskets are beautiful and have oh-so many uses! Pass around some rolls, cutlery, or even napkins in this sweet little basket.

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