Keep your baked goods as fresh and fabulous as the day they were baked! Designed to maintain optimum airflow, these bread boxes are quite literally the next best thing since sliced bread. Check our diverse lineup to discover which one suits your space and style.

TOWER Bread Box With Cutting Board Lid

The newest addition to our bread box line-up, this 2-in-1 solution features a removable wooden lid that adds texture to your decor, and also functions as a cutting board.

The diagonal opening is a stylish accent that provides better visibility and access to your beloved bakes.

TOSCA Bread Box - Horizontal

One of two of our original bread box designs, this is a spacious solution for families and baked goods enthusiasts that want to make sure they are always stocked bountifully. The top-opening lid provides visibility and easy access, while the wooden handle brings a touch of warmth to the modern design.

TOSCA Bread Box - Vertical

Due to the popularity of our two original bread boxes, this design is one of two added to the roster in 2023 to offer a more compact option, footprint-wise. The vertical orientation allows for an additional shelf, which means it can still provide sufficient storage space for your baked goods as well as jams, nut butters, and more. Try this wood-featuring Tosca option for a Japandi feel.

TOWER Bread Box - Horizontal

Another OG bread box, this sleek all-steel solution is perfect for those looking to match a more minimal and functional decor theme, which is what our Tower series aims for.

The wide design allows you to store items on top as well, which is a bonus for those looking to clear their counters.

TOWER Bread Box - Vertical

The final item is the vertical iteration of our Tower bread box. It features the same two-shelf design as the vertical Tosca bread box, and allows for optimal air-flow just like the rest, but with a sleek and minimalistic exterior. If you are looking for the most visually simple and spatially efficient option, this one is the one for you.