Exams have wrapped, travel bags packed, and back home the students go. Get your home prepped for the long winter break ahead. Take a look a the cleaning hacks, storage solutions, and entertaining must-haves to keep your home-bound student content and organized during their time at home.

When laundry begins to stack up faster than usual, ensure your washer and dryer are situated with the best items for a seamless wash and dry system. 

It begins with a quality hamper that is durable enough to withstand the growing pile of laundry and attractive enough to be placed out in the open. Finally, gone are the days of flimsy hampers.  Once full, simply lift the removable bag, and voila—a transportable laundry bag. Simplifying the transport of clothes from any room to the laundry room. 

P.S. Fair warning, this hamper is good, your fellow home-bound student will most likely want to snag this hamper for the dorm as walking to the laundry room at school is no easy feat. 

Laundry Hamper with Cotton Liner

Snow piles can be fun, but shoe piles? Not so much. The winter season means bringing out all the bulky boots and footwear from the depths of the closet. To avoid the mistake of having to dig through aimless shoes to find the matching pair, keep your entryway both organized and welcoming by adding a Yamazaki shoe rack. 

You can find a range of shoe storage solutions that stack and expand to store all your footwear. For the packed house, let us direct you to our crowd-favorite rack that can store 12+ pairs of shoes. Place a Yamazaki key rack and vanity tray on top to hold your sunnies and snowblower keys. Extra side hooks even give space for a leash, umbrella, or cap. If you’re kicking it solo in your space, may we suggest a single-tier rack that allows for boots of any height to sit pretty next to your regular slippers and sneaks. 

Shoe Rack

Expandable Shoe Rack

Is it just us or every time we finish cleaning up, 5 minutes later the sink is filled with stacks and stacks of dirty dishes?! The culprit could be your ravenous 19 years old or maybe you're the lucky one in charge of hosting the annual family holiday bash. Either way, with more mouths to feed during the holiday season, make sure your clean-up routine is accompanied by a trusty dish rack. 

Our two-tier dish rack is at the top of our picks for a home that is drowning in dishes. Two tiers give you double the drying space to work with, plus the draining spout will easily stream leftover water right back into the sink basin simplifying clean-up even more. You also probably know at this point that people go through utensils like they are going out of style. With enough room for bulky dishes, you best believe that this two-tiered rack also has a special storage holder for utensils. Hold it all in one functional space and watch your clean-up time get cut in half. Now you can spend less time at the sink and more time enjoying the company of families and friends.

Two-Tier Dish Rack

If there’s one thing you and your returning student needs to do relax! Cramming for exams, scrutinizing papers, and the nerves of finals presentations can take a toll even on the smartest smarties in the world. Even prepping for all the holiday festivities can take suck a great deal of energy from even the holiday pros. We recommend drawing a nice bubbly bath and using our expandable bathtub caddy to complete the spa-like bathroom oasis. Our bathroom caddy will keep your self-care essentials within arm's reach. Pour a glass of vino and relax while watching your favorite rom-com or while reading a book. We’re relaxed even thinking about it. 

Expandable Bathtub Caddy

Re-create a sweet gaming station at home for your temporary stay-at-home gamer. While home for break, our controller and headphone stand will serve as the perfect conduit for keeping any type of console controller and headsets at bay. Your gamer can plug in and stay connected with new and old friends at any time. Win-win!

Controller Stand

Headphone Stand