Summer is in full-swing, but sometimes we need a break from all the movement and action. National Lazy Day falls on August 10th—but really, we don’t need an excuse to gift ourselves a day to lounge. Plan a flawless lazy day any time of the year with these living room solutions and fill your cup all the way. 

First, a coffee perch

Start your leisurely morning with a good brew at your favorite spot on the sofa. This compact & sleek side table doesn’t take up much space, but provides the perfect spot to station your mugs and will keep your favorite reads handy on the rack below.

Roll in the brunch

Make your day special by switching up your routine. Take this opportunity to have yourself a luxurious brunch in your living room, or any other leisurely spot in the home.

Set everything up on this elegant yet functional cart to give things a little boost. Complete with smooth-rolling wheels and three tiers, this utility cart is a convenient way to roll in the brunch spread, mimosas and all.

Follow with some light afternoon reading

Has it been a minute since you last caught up on your subscriptions? Make an appealing display of your periodicals and take some time to enjoy them on this lazy day. Flip through the pages to your heart’s content before we flow nicely into the afternoon.

Finally wrap that season

Now that we’ve had time to decompress, it might be time for a little action—or mystery, drama, horror—whatever your jam is. Take the opportunity to wrap that season with this classy tablet stand, featuring an elegant curve and natural woodgrain texture.

Get a lazy day sidekick

Complete your lounging setup with this 2-in-1 trash bin & side table. Designed to minimize footprint and maximize convenience, it’s a unique item you won’t find elsewhere.

If you don’t want to get up from your nook and walk across the room to the trash to throw away the tissues you’ve been crying into during your tear-jerker of a K-drama, well, you don't have to.

Bring your bath buddy

Don’t forget to wrap the day up with a long and relaxing bath. Compact yet providing easy access to your bath salts, tablet, or book, this expandable caddy will turn any old bathtub into a luxurious spa so you can unwind and recharge.

Don't lift a finger

Throw your clothes into this stylish laundry basket and call it a day. Its slim profile allows it to tuck into smaller spaces, but the deep basket means there’s still ample space to hold plenty of clothes.

The wooden accent combined with the white steel elevates laundry to decor status, and the wheels make maneuvering easy when laundry day rolls around—but leave that thought for another time.