Attention fellow artist, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts! We’ve round up the best organizers and storage solutions to house your creative tools or hobby kits. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or happy beginner, a solid setup can be a game changer for your creative process. Tidy up your workstation with this Yamazaki selection and keep items handy for the next time inspiration strikes!


Odds-and-Ends Organizer

The all-in-one organizer. Are you a knitting fiend, an origami master, or masking-tape connoisseur (washi tape, anyone?)? The removable organizer trays and a recessed wooden lid allow easy workstation setup as well as cleanup. Plus, the handle allows you to dispatch your kit anywhere you please! Perfect for a variety of crafts and artist on the go.


Sectioned Jewelry Organizer

Struggling to find an organizer for your beading? Let us introduce you to our sectioned-jewelry organizer. This neat tower provides a birds-eye view of your inventory when fanned out, and holds your delicate beads in place and dust-free when closed. Equipped with compartments galore, it is a great solution for keeping your small pieces categorized.


Desk Organizer

Use this desk organizer for keeping your most-loved materials visible and within reach. Store papers and stickers in one compartment and taller tools like rulers, scissors, and writing utensils in the other. The minimalist design is both functional and aesthetically pleasant. Plus, with the handy handle, you can tote your tools from project to project.


Countertop Organizer

Clean the workstation, pretty please! If your ribbons, embroidery floss, or felts are unfurling left and right, stash them in this sleek container and clear your area. With a tidy space, there’s more room to let your imagination go wild!


Pen Organizer

Corral your calligraphy tools, markers, or pencils with this organizer. The dividers allow you to sort different tools while the wooden crossbar keeps items upright. Its minimalist design is sure to boost the decor for any desk. An ideal choice for any writer, hand-letterer/calligrapher, or crayon-loving little one.