Yamazaki Home is called just that because we have solutions for every room of your household. Our specialty is designing home goods that add storage, space, and convenience. From bathroom to kitchen, top to bottom, check out these tidy-making recommendations.

Shower Caddy


Splish-splash, are you thinking of taking a bath? If soap and shampoo bottles are raining down on your head or are lined up around the perimeter of your tub, you might want to think about a shower caddy. This one has room for your bath salts, soap, loofahs, and more.

Two-Tier Dish Rack


Double the tiers, double the storage. Deck your kitchen with this double-decker dish rack. Whether your counters are tight on space, or you just have an extra-large load of dishes, this two-tiered dish rack will have you unrolling your sleeves and hanging up the gloves in no time.

Tablet Stand


Does this electronics stand give you a jolt of excitement? Whether you’re looking for a hands-free way to take a video call or stream videos, this stand can lend a helping hand. Suitable for all kinds of tablets and phones.

Magnetic Key Holder


Time to upgrade from the catch-all bowl in your entryway! The key to an organized entryway is … to give your keys a lift! Plus, hook your masks along the bottom of this magnetic entryway organizer and pop your wallet in the top to have all of your travel essentials in one place and ready to go. Key-p on trucking!

Tissue Case


Never again will a tissue be an issue. Ever reach over to grab a tissue and knock the entire box off the shelf? Ugly paper tissue boxes ruining the carefully curated vibes of your decor? Try this weighted, metal tissue holder with a minimalist design. Just pop in the entire box and pull!