Did you know 2/4 is National Homemade Soup Day? This season is all about the hearty soups and stews! Streamline your soup-making setup with these ingenious solutions and keep the cozy meals coming.

Corner Reformer

Keep your favorite soup pots handy for when inspiration strikes! Display your cast iron beauties while utilizing dead corner space.

A *Ladle* Convenience

This compact yet sturdy design holds both ladles and pot lids so your soup-making goes uninterrupted. Keep your counters splatter-free and cleaning minimal!


Keep spices & herbs close at hand and styled with this adorable two-tier rack. Though sturdy and minimal, the natural woodgrain lends a warm touch to your decor and provides just the extra storage you need.

Trivet Like It’s Hot

Rest your soups-in-progress here! This 2-in-1 folding mat can be used as a trivet for your piping hot pots, as well as a draining tray once they're washed out post-cooking.