With spring finally in the air, 2023 is picking up—and perhaps so is the desktop clutter!

Clearing the office periodically is a healthy habit, but certain tweaks have a bigger and longer lasting impact than others. Nip long-term clutterers in the bud with these no-brainer solutions and observe workspace flow drastically improve!

Devise a snazzy printing station

A clunky item that is most often a lateral addition to the office area, printers are prone to being set up less intentionally, and accessories like ink and paper can get scattered across different drawers, which does not make for a streamlined home press.

Luckily, this mobile printer station smartens things up both visually and functionally by consolidating printing needs into one smooth-rolling setup!
Designed to house:

• standard letter and tabloid sized reams
• ink cartridges
• staplers and clips
• surplus cables

it guarantees easy operation and maintenance. Stow against the wall or under the desk, and roll out as needed for bigger projects or routine cleaning.

Toss office rubbish in style

Get those crumpled up post-its and dead paper clips off the desk, not later, but now. When you’re in the zone, 10 feet across the room can feel like a whole trek—and yet, we might be questioning the need for an office trash can over space and aesthetic concerns.

If this rings true to you, this slim Scandinavian-inspired rectangle design is the perfect solution. Position snugly against the wall or desk-side to keep trash at bay while elevating the office look.

Clear desktop, clear mind

Speaking of giving everything in the office a home, there is no place more important to reflect this rule than the actual desktop area. Keeping this surface as clear as possible is one solid way to give your brain more space when diving into heady projects and tasks.

The Tosca desk organizer is a classic solution for storing:

• office stationery
• small electronics
• other go-to items

with the bonus of portability. If ever you need a change of scenery during the day, sweep this up by the wooden handle and bring it to your new post.

Rescue cable chaos

If dust bunnies are gathering around the bunched up cords under the desk, it’s time to shoo them away with a quick upgrade. Discover this foolproof cable management system and never spend another minute trying to detangle a labyrinth of cords.

Despite its slim profile, this sleek design provides ample space to keep:

• a power strip
• router
• excess cables

neatly in place, while the wheels allow mobility for easy cleaning. The sturdy steel exterior brings a sharp appearance that is easy on the eyes, giving the overall workspace a significant lift.

Compact & discreet

An equally reliable but more compact solution for cord chaos is this under-desk storage rack, which can be attached directly to the desk with the included hardware, or to any magnetic surface with the provided magnet strip. This is a great option if you are going for less footprint, or want regular access to your power strip in order to switch out devices.

The six hooks provide plenty of space for stowing excess cables or other gadgets you want to keep handy. Now you can stretch your legs without bonking your router or getting your toes caught in a net!