Staff favorites called out by the staff. Trust us, no one has more Yamazaki at home than the Yamazaki Home team. From the kitchen to the closet, find out which products we love and why.

Plain Coat Rack

Messy floor no more

“My son used to dump his hoodie, hat, and bag for school on the floor, but this rack makes an easy catch-all for his stuff. He actually keeps his floor clear now!"

—Junko K., Accounting

Tower Lid & Ladle Stand

For the messy chef

“I’m a messy chef who lives in tight quarters. The Lid & Ladle Stand is one of my favorites as it allows me to easily store cooking utensils near the stove and keeps my counter clean(er) and more organized!”

—Morgan, Marketing

Tower Shoe Rack

For the shoes you actually wear

“The minimal footprint of the vertical shoe rack for my everyday shoes is perfect. Dress shoes are off to the side but who wears dress shoes these days?"

—Masao D., Marketing

Tower Jewelry + Accessory Trays

The perfect catch-all tray after a long day

“This tray allows me to throw everything in one place when I get home. It helps me keep track of my keys, sunglasses, and other everyday things.”

—Takuya S., Vice President

Smart Over-the-Door Hanger

For the hat guy

“I’m a hat guy, and I used to always search for a hat strewn somewhere about the house, but now I keep them all on my closet door, so they're all lined up and easy to find!”

—Zachary E., Customer Service

Tower Face Mask Dispenser

Mask, keys, check

“Ever since I attached one of these on my entryway door, I never forget to take a mask with me! Plus, it keeps them clean and easy to grab on the way out.”

—Ayaka Y., Marketing