What better gift than to make time spent around the table more enjoyable, whether it be a daily solo break or special gathering. Lift Mom’s everyday moments with these irresistible tabletop additions, or maybe even throw them a tea party!

For the pretty tea snacks.

These gorgeous new stackable bins dropped just in time for Mother’s Day 2023. Its unique round design instantly adds something special to the decor, and elevates whatever one decides to store inside, whether it be:

• tea snacks
• a sewing kit
• other craft/hobby assortment

The warm accent of the wooden top makes it a perfect addition for the dining room, and the raised rims allow the lid to double as a tray. Choose the deeper bin for more space, and perhaps for particularly social mothers that have frequent tea guests!

Elevate the home brew.

Give your Mother’s daily brewing experience a boost with this timeless yet ingenious design. Despite its minimal appearance, this container works hard to keep coffee filters dust and wrinkle free while providing easy access, making every brew feel effortless and luxurious.

With a simple steel case and natural woodgrain lid, this design not only adds a modern taste to any table or countertop, but also lends a touch of warmth wherever it goes.

Bread game strong.

What is a tea break without some quality pastries? This new vertical breadbox is a compact iteration of our original breadbox lineup, but it does not miss out on any of the original perks, like optimal airflow and magnetic lid.

Complete with two tiers, it provides ample space and great opportunity to organize your baked goods vs accompaniments like your favorite jams and nut butters. Whether Mom is an enthusiastic baker or simply enjoys a good loaf, this box will upgrade both overall quality and experience without taking up much countertop space.

Pile on the sweets.

If your Mom’s style is more about elegant bite-sized treats or dainty sandwiches, this is the one. Whether it be fruit, cookies, chocolates, or savory bites, this serving stand will allow Mom to whip up a neat arrangement that looks straight out of a photoshoot every time. A great way to make everyday treats feel special, or bring a festive touch to any spread.

A wholesome centerpiece.

Get those colorful vitamins in! Add your seasonal fruits to this jazzy basket to complete the perfect decorative centerpiece. A stylish way to ensure that one gets their daily dose of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, as well as keep some treats in stock, whether it be for Mom herself or any impromptu guests.

Don’t be boxed in by its name though, as this versatile item can also be used as a snack tray or to showcase ornamental items. There’s something about the playful bird’s nest design that gets inspiration going!

Torn between a few items?

If you’re not sure what your mother’s favorite picks would be, that’s ok too! Sometimes letting Mom choose is the wisest option. Gift the joy of exploring happy home items that match their lives.