It's the season for sniffles and sneezes, and some homes may be going through more tissue boxes than usual! Discover these elegant cases that not only do away with eyesore packaging, but also elevate your tissues from mundane object to classy decor item.

When in doubt, start here

Tuck away loud branded boxes with this simple and chic design. Available in two sizes, simply drop a 160-sheet full-size tissue box into the case, and cover with the warm, wooden lid.

The half-size option

This half-size version of our classic Tissue Box Cover is a great space-saving option for side tables, vanities, small coffee tables, and more.

Unique & modern

These new unique tissue cases will bring modern sophistication to any space, whether it be your vanity table, living room, or bathroom countertop. Simply refill by rolling up standard-size tissues and threading one out through the top. Try the small version in your car—it fits your cup holders perfectly!

Double-dispensing wizard

Bring a new level of ease to the kitchen or bathroom with this innovative, two-sided tissue case. Load one side with tissues and the other with paper towels for next-level efficiency.

Countertop beauty

These last two solutions are designed to be loaded without the box and are ideal for dispensing bulk tissues, or if you prefer a slightly more compact design. Simply load papers directly into the case and place the wooden lid on top.

The minimalist’s choice

This simple design is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for unobtrusive decor items to support a quiet home aesthetic. Load tissues directly into the box and enjoy the classic feel of its steel construction.